Services What will EnMaS offer you?

Energy Monitoring

EnMaS monitors your fluids usage data (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and gives you an online access of your consumption.


EnMaS customizes its applications to fit your needs.

Other services

You've got a energy project and needs Information and Communications Technology skills, contact us.

To get your energy data online, you need a meter that is able to send data online. If you already have one, contact us to get an online demo account. If you don't have a meter that can send data online, we'll contact our partners for you.

EnMaS can gather data of your consumption via the following protocols:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • FTP
  • SQL database

We are aware that everyone has a different need, we can customize our monitoring application.You might need a specific type of data or new graphics, or if you wish to adapt our data analysis application to a specific identity, we'll help you.

We are also able to build an entire new application for you. If you something specific, we can build an entirely new application to fit your needs.

In EnMaS we have skills in the energy efficiency field and in Information and Communications Technology.

Reducing his energy consumption requires to estimate the needs. EnMaS can remotely control your energy systems. For instance, we can adjust the heating setpoint as a function of the forecast temperature.

Load Profile

Monitor the load Profile and save money by adjusting your usage.

Energy Consumption

Monitor and compare energy consumption between day, week, month, year.

Power Frequency distribution

Monitor the load and save money by decreasing your maximum demand.

Heat Map and 3D charts

Handy to check a whole period at a glance. You can rotate the chart to see it in 3 dimensions.